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Turmeric cream

Turmeric cream

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Say no to red splotches, sun damage, or painful spots due to inflammation on your skin! Sun burns? Nothing to worry about if you have Turmeric cream to apply on your sunburns. All this while moisturizing your skin?! It’s perfect gift that keeps on giving you beautiful complexion as long as you keep applying it.

Since this product mainly contains turmeric tea, Aloe Vera gel, and Witch Hazel, it is like getting three products for the price of one. Isn’t that a deal? 

Turmeric cream has such a unique formula that it is not possible to mass produce it and give it a long shelf life. The only preservative used in it is propolis (resinous substance produced by bees in order to keep the bee hive germ free). It’s not known that propolis has ever been used as a preservative on industrial scale production.

This product may help with milder joint pain if applied in smaller amounts frequently.

Turmeric cream is uniquely made in the USA.