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Propolis Cream

Propolis Cream

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Are you tired of dry, cracked skin on your fingers, back of your elbows, heels, feet, knuckles? If yes, this all natural propolis cream is your solution. This centuries old formulation skips all the newfangled ingredients that might irritate your skin. Sunflower oil, lanolin, castor oil, and yellow beeswax are infused with chamomile tea to soothe the inflammation. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying smooth and radiant skin that this beautiful product leaves behind. 

Whether it’s winter time or year round, this product is going to be your best friend, once your skin starts glowing with health and smoothness. It may remove a wrinkle or two if you give it a try.

Suggested use is to apply small amount, rub in well, and let absorb overnight. 

Propolis is resinous substance that bees make to keep the bee hive germ free. It is natural preservative.