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Gift Basket

Gift Basket

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8in in diameter woven round basket containing a washcloth, 2oz Coconut Oil Cream (night moisturizer), 2oz Organic Green Tea cream (day moisturizer), cold process soap, and a 2oz Sugar scrub; you get an affordable sampler package and/or a great gift with uniquely handmade products for just $21.00; custom made gift baskets are a possibility but at a different price (depending on the choice of products).

Coconut Oil Cream - main ingredients are sunflower oil (rich source of vitamin E) and chamomile tea extract (natural antiseptic properties); preserved with Propolis (natural antibiotic, antifungul, antiviral agent produced by honey bees to embalm the dead bees); lightly scented with yarrow and lavender essential oils

Organic Green Tea cream - main ingredient is organic green tea (rich source of caffeine - excellent blood circulation stimulant) which increases the blood circulation under the skin, aloe vera and witch hazel calm inflamed spots on the skin, preserved with propolis, scented with honeysuckle fragrance oil

Sugar Scrub - Sugar  mixed with Organic Green Tea cream; leaves your skin soft, smooth, and fresh looking

Cold process soap - soap made with lye, canola, coconut, and palm oil, aged to make a soap that lasts a long time; milk cream makes this soap very mild and moisturizes skin, leaving skin smooth and soft; excellent for dry and irritated skin